My mission is helping you implement a vision that maximizes the business potential of your course.about_title_222_final_1-300x208

I’ve worked on some exciting projects and historical restorations over the course of my 15 years as a golf architect, including the award winning Magna golf Club, Angus Glen North, Bigwin Island, Eagles Nest G.C. and a number of Stanley Thompson renovations.  These experiences have greatly honed my ability to find and reveal the hidden opportunity of each and every project.

When presented with the opportunity to build the Turnberry short course, the need to appeal to a time starved market with something other than the standard executive course was tangible.  Turnberry, an unprecedented two and half hours of intense thrills and surprises, was voted 4th best new course in Canada by Score Magazine.  Panelists fondly commented on how it is the ‘ideal course for the modern era’.  After having had a blast himself, Canadian Golfer’s Fairway Stevie just got right to the point and asked “When are they building one of these in the east end?”

The challenge to reinvigorate membership and reestablish Sunningdale’s status was all about coaxing back lost charm and delighting players with ‘intriguing…..and clever’ differences between the Thompson and Robinson courses.

From new developments to renovations and restorations, I’ve made this new game of golf the focus of my work.  Let’s talk about how you can get ready for it.